15 Year Old CrossFit Athlete Kyle Prior’s Tabata WOD

Tabata Songs introduces “Tabata Kids” and shows off some of their tabata-specific music with 15 year old athlete Kyle Prior crushing a workout at his home gym.

One question… Why’d he leave the sandbag at the top of the hill?

Okay, two questions… Why’d he stand on a box to do overhead squats?

Get the music! http://www.TabataKids.com
Hartland, VT-
15 year old Kyle Prior demonstrates this impressive CrossFit style Tabata workout while listening to music from “Tabata Kids” (sister-site of TabataSongs.com):

Toes-to-bar/Chest-to-bar/Muscle up complex
Overhead squats on box (65 lbs)
Cannon ball pullups
High-low pullups
Stump jumps
Squat clean (125 lbs)
Sandbag hill sprints(40 lbs)

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