18 Year Old Barni Bojte is Quickly Becoming a CrossFit Open Favorite

Romania’s 18 year old Barni Bojte has made a name for himself during the CrossFit Open this year by posting beyond-raw videos of him crushing the Open workouts at his makeshift home gym. Someone seriously needs to start up a GoFundMe campaign for this kid! We’d love to see the CrossFit community get together to send him some proper equipment, and maybe even a trip to SoCal for the games… We’ll even let him stay at our house!

CrossFit HQ has taken note of Barni’s determination, posting his videos on their Facebook page and they even wrote an article about him

Here are Barni Bojte’s 2016 CrossFit Open videos…

Barni Bojte in 16.1 – 247 Reps

Barni Bojte in 16.2 – 258 Reps

Barni Bojte in 16.3 – 112 Reps

Barni Bojte in 16.4 – 202 Reps

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