19 Year Old DeVote Wilson is as Explosive as Dynamite Wrapped in C4

DeVonte Wilson is a 19 year old athlete in Kansas that’s trying to get his name out there in hopes of getting signed to a college team. Well, with explosiveness like this, someone will eventually take notice. Do they do 225lb weighted box jumps in Grid?

Kansas sophomore DeVonte M. Wilson will make you feel like you’re really out of shape by what he can do in the gym.

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Last year was the year I really started working on being explosive. Never seen boxes like these in my life until last year and thats when I started giving them a shot just to see how high I could get. Getting more explosive or being able to jump higher, run faster, or whatever the case may be, is not a sprint process. You have to stay consistent and over time you will see results. Anyone can start something, but how many can actually continue? But to those that are wondering about my foot. It is healing up fast and ill be back with in next week to start seeing what i can do. No cast, no boot, and no injury will stop the grind because there is always something else you can work on when you're injured. But its all about how bad do you want it. Words lie, actions don't. If you want something, you have to go get it.

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💥Tag a friend💥 Today during my plyometric workout, I had my very first fail and boy did it hurt. It didn't hurt my back or anything, I just hit my heels pretty good on the ground, but that only motivated me to keep going. After that fall, I went crazy and was just jumping and flying everywhere. I couldn't let the pain hold me back. Like they say, you have to go through a little pain to appreciate an achievement that you have earned. I went higher today because I love the feeling of being uncomfortable, but at the same time I dislike it because it's uncomfortable. The fear factor is always high because of the risks I take, but that is nothing compared to the reward. But like always, it's grind time! 💯✊😤 @athleticstandard Oh and peep @rapstallion24 with the stage pose 💯✊😂

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