3 Movement Hacks to Improve Your Squat


In part 1 of this 3-part series we are going to discuss some tips or hacks to help you learn to squat better today, unlock tight tissue and improve mobility.

In the short video below, we describe 3 simple tips and how to make some easy corrections that elicit powerful changes on how our body accepts external load and allows those tight, overused muscles to actually let go and move as they were made to do. So check out the video, try these tips weight bodyweight squats first and then move to the bar with weight.

These simple steps, when done CONSISTENTLY(keyword), will help you improve how you move so that you can stop doing hours of mobility work that still haven’t helped you squat below parallel or touch your toes.

About the Author:

Dr. Brian Campbell, PT

Dr. Brian Campbell, PT is the owner of Xcel Movement and Performance in Raleigh, NC. He is a performance based clinician who specializes in movement performance for active individuals, athletes and tactical personnel. He has worked with athletes from the NFL, MLB, Crossfit games, USA national weightlifting and US special forces. In addition, Brian teaches his movement performance seminars around the country.

Hook Grip Break Parallel

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