3 Simple Steps To End the Double Under Struggle.

Jumping rope is intimidating to many athletes, new and experienced.  This straightforward tutorial will simplify the hardest aspect of conquering the jump rope…your timing.  Learn this, and you will have Double and Triple Unders in no time.

The idea is simple and will help you build rhythm when coordinating your rope with your body.


As you jump clap your hands or with your hands by your side, clap the sides of your legs once. Your goal is to always be in the air as you clap and never on the ground as you clap. Practice the timing with no rope, then after a couple reps practice with a rope.


Most crossfitters move TOO FAST through their dubs and leave them out of control. Take the same drill as the beginner and add two claps in air to your jump with consistency, then add a rope and practice slower but rhythmic dubs. (Goal- sustain unbroken for a minute)


Getting 3 claps in mid air requires more height or faster hands but usually a combo of both. Work on 3 claps for a while WITH OUT a rope. After some practice finally move to a rope. The timing is tricky but practice your timing and listen to your rope speed.

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