31 Training Songs For The Dancing Swoldiers

I’m pretty obsessed with the music I listen to and play during the classes I’m coaching. Something to note is that I am a diehard EDM fan. So you will find a lot of sub genres of EDM in this playlist. If you think some of these would make your head explode, you should know that this is also what I work to do.

There’s so much information in upbeat music that your brain has to process, which is why it can help take your mind off the burn, cramps, etc.

Arousal levels are key when it comes to your performance. Some of these are slower and meant for the strength/skill portions depending on how your class flow is structured. As you get closer to the WOD, turn up the music. Start dialing in faster paced stuff.

Listen to your favorite music on your way to the gym. It will help you:



-Get pumped

-Get distracted in a good way

-Improve Mood

Enjoy 🙂


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Misbah Haque

Misbah Haque


Misbah Haque is a USAW-SPC and CF-L1 Trainer and weakness manager for newcomers and CrossFitters looking to get stronger. His coaching practice is centered around filling the holes in movement so you can keep doing what you love for a long time. His blog is AirborneMind.com.

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Misbah Haque
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