5 Reps with: Jenn Jones

Name: Jenn Jones
Age: 31
Location: Texas
Affiliate: Contender CrossFit
Sponsors: Reebok, Junk, Airrosti, Pure Strength, American Gainz, Fuel For Fire, Mil-Spec

3, 2, 1…GO!


5 Favorite movements…
– Snatch
– Freestanding HSPU
– Rowing
– Power Clean
– Handstand Walking


5 Foods you can’t live without…
– Brownies
– Ice Cream
– Coffee
– Chicken
– Blackberries


5 Best apps on your phone…
– Google Sheets
– GI
– Snapchat
– Heads Up
– Starbucks


5 Things to do when not training…
– Nap
– Play with my pups
– Watch reality TV shows
– Vacuum the house due to the excessive dog hair
– Pampering with massages, mani/ pedi, or just laying in the sun

Sneak peak of the Dominican lifestyle with my new @savageswim #sosexy #almostAnAstle #astleAdventurs

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5 Tips to improving your training…
– Drink more water
– Make sure you have adequate recovery
– Have fun, remember its just working out
– Form follows function. If you can clean up form you will move more weight longer
– Pick a time of day that works for you so there is no stress about completing the work


5 Things that are always in your gym bag…
– Coco butter
– Compex
– Tape
– Fuel For Fire
– Junk Headbands


Misbah Haque

Misbah Haque


Misbah Haque is a USAW-SPC and CF-L1 Trainer and weakness manager for newcomers and CrossFitters looking to get stronger. His coaching practice is centered around filling the holes in movement so you can keep doing what you love for a long time. His blog is AirborneMind.com.

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Misbah Haque
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