5 Reps with: Kristin Holte

Name: Kristin Holte
Age: 30
Location: Oslo, Norway
Affiliate: Crossfit Oslo
Sponsors: Reebok Nordics, PurePharma, Mylna Sport, Apexklinikken

3, 2, 1…GO!


5 Favorite movements…
– Burpees
– Running
– Handstand walk
– Pull-ups
– Snatch


5 Foods you can’t live without…
– Bread
– Cheese
– Meat
– Protein bars
– My Saturday candy treat


5 Songs to workout to…
Greyhound by Swedish House Mafia
Maximal Crazy by Tiesto
The Black Pearl by Scotty
Strength of A Thousand Men by Thomas Bergersen
Shots and Squats by Vigiland


5 Best apps on your phone…
– Snapchat
– Coach’s Eye
– Headspace
– Spotify
– Instagram


5 Good habits…
– Always get things done when I have to (not before, but just in time)
– Good structure in my life
– Very good at relaxing
– Meditating every day
– Eat regularly throughout the day


5 Things to do when not training…
– Rest and relax
– Watch Netflix
– Be out in the sun
– Hang out with friends
– Travel


5 Tips to improving your training…
– Set goals
– Make a plan
– Stick to the plan
– Rest enough
– Eat enough


5 Things that are always in your gym bag…
– My training program
– Tape and scissors
– Water and energy drink
– At least three pair of shoes
– Knee sleeves
– Protein bar



Misbah Haque

Misbah Haque


Misbah Haque is a USAW-SPC and CF-L1 Trainer and weakness manager for newcomers and CrossFitters looking to get stronger. His coaching practice is centered around filling the holes in movement so you can keep doing what you love for a long time. His blog is AirborneMind.com.

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Misbah Haque
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