5min Squat Battle – Powerlifter vs. Strongman vs. Cyclist

Five men face off on a five-minute squat challenge… Three powerlifters, a strongman competitor, and a cyclist all use their bodyweight on a barbell and do as many unbroken squats as possible while a clock is running. Who’s your money on, and do you think you could hang?

Squats are tough. Squatting 5 minutes in a row with your bodyweight on the bar hunted by world class athletes is brutal. The minimum weight is 85kg and has to be cleaned and pressed to your neck. The set has to be unbroken. Enjoy!

The competitors are…

– Olympic Cyclist Robert Förstemann (GER)
– World record holder in Powerlifting Andrej Mostovenko (RUS)
– European champion in Powerlifting Victor Beilmann (GER)
– ‘Berliner Meister’ in Powerlifting Thomas Faber (GER)
– Tetzel Schmidt, a local Strongman (and metal singer) (GER)

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Special THANKS to: Asim Zwonull, Patrick Mühlbauer, Raphael Thaler & David C.

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