Olympic Gold Medalist and 4x Crossfit Games Athlete Anna Tunnicliffe on Recovery, Music and More.



“To achieve greatness one should live as if they will never die.” Francois de La Rochefoucauld

Only elite athletes can claim “Olympian” and “CrossFit Games Athlete” on their resume. Anna Tunnicliffe can trump that noting “Gold Medal Olympian” and ”four time CrossFit Games Athlete”, along with numerous national and international sailing titles.

In an era where CrossFit athletes must annually prove themselves anew among stronger and tougher competition, she has successfully endured.  The 2016 CrossFit Games saw Anna earn five top ten finish and a first place finish in the Rope Chipper event.

To watch Anna compete is incredible. She attacks workouts in a deliberate way, always appearing to be in her own race and executing her plan.

We got Anna On The Hook for 5 questions:

Free weights, do you prefer Kettlebells or Dumbbells?

It really depends on the movement. I’m quite indifferent to both free weights. But if I really had to choose one over the other I would probably choose the kettlebell.

How do you manage your recovery?

Recovery is a lot about what you put in your body after working out and how stretching. I do RomWod daily and use About Time protein, LuRong Living essentials and supplements from Therologix to keep my body feeling good.

What book or movie have you watched multiple times?

My go to motivational movie is Chariots of Fire! Love it!!

Podcasts or Music in the car? Any specifics?

Music depends on my mood. Mostly loud Pandora stations that I would WOD too….anything with a good beat but if I’m wound up I put on Five Finger Death Punch station and it clams me down.

What is your favorite guilty pleasure food or drink?

I eat clean almost all the time, especially in season, but if I do cheat it’s usually with a chocolate cupcake from Fresh Market! 🙂


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