Bodybuilding Super Star Steve Cook Takes on CrossFit with Brooke Ence

There’s been a lot of crossover between the physique world and CrossFit lately, and the newest installment comes from bodybuilding superstar Steve Cook and CrossFit queen Brooke Ence. Check out their training session where Steve power cleans 300lbs for the first time and Brooke hits a some curls for the…girls?

Steve Cook is a professional physique competitor. Brooke Ence is a CrossFit Games athlete. Watch as two worlds collide when physique meets fitness in a 7-minute AMRAP of front squats and burpees after some heavy power cleans and back squats.

Ence introduced Cook to Mike Cazayoux of Brute Strength when Cook expressed interest in CrossFit.

“I wasn’t enjoying my training as much because it was all about looks,” Cook says.

Cook admits he’ll always be physique conscious, but he recognizes “a stronger physique is going to be a better physique every day.”

In addition to physical gains, Cook was hooked by the CrossFit community.

“People always ask me, ‘You think CrossFit’s going to stick around?’ Hell, yeah, CrossFit’s going to stick around,” he says. “People are doing it in droves because it is a family-type atmosphere.”

Still a physique competitor at heart, Cook leads the crew in a post-workout gun show to finish out the training session.

Video by Marston Sawyers.

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