Brooke Ence and Mat Fraser Tour Europe in CrossFit’s “Fit Trek” – Episodes 1 & 2

Travel through Italy and Switzerland with Brooke Ence and Mat Fraser in this new multi-part series from CrossFit HQ. We love these lifestyle-based pieces!

In this two-part series, CrossFit Inc. videographer Marston Sawyers accompanies 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games rookie Brooke Ence—his wife—and two-time CrossFit Games runner-up Mat Fraser on a trip to Europe. Ence and Fraser made the trek to compete in the 2015 Swiss Alpine Battle in Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland, but they had much more on their agenda.

“We are here to have as much fun as possible,” Ence says. “I’ve never been to Europe, Mat’s never been to Switzerland, and we like to be focused on the workouts at hand and the competition at hand, but we want to have memories of everywhere we go and all the people that we meet.”

After winning the mixed-pairs competition, the two traveled to Italy, visited monuments, indulged in great food, got tattooed and experienced the international CrossFit culture in local affiliates—as well as some unexpected places.

After being recognized in the Vatican, Fraser was in awe of just how big the CrossFit community really is.

“We’re in the Vatican and someone knows who I am, knows what CrossFit is. They’re part of the community, even there of all places,” Fraser says.

He adds: “Doesn’t matter where you go in the world—there’s CrossFit.”

Videos by Marston Sawyers.

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