“By The Numbers” – A New Functional Fitness Training Book Available On Amazon

A new book that serves as a functional fitness training manual surfaced on Amazon this week. It looks like the author Sean Manseau went to great lengths (almost comically) to not use the “C” word or anything else trademarked by HQ. We’d love to know what CrossFitters and coaches think about the book…

The digital form of the book is actually free, while the paperback version is $29.95.

Click here to see the book on Amazon: By The Numbers – A Practical Method for Instructing Constantly Varied Functional Movements Executed at High Intensity

By The Numbers Book Cover

Amazon description:
The secret is out: training constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity creates incredible levels of fitness. But the explosive growth in popularity of CVFMHI training is sometimes problematic. Neophyte trainers can find themselves in over their heads when teaching complex skills to groups of varying ability, and trainees, lacking clear exercise progressions, may attempt movements they’re not ready for. The result? Poor form, bad habits, and all too often, injury. That’s why I created By the Numbers. BtN is a system for instructing CVFMHI that emphasizes progression at every level. It builds exercises pose-by-pose, movement skill exercise by exercise, and work capacity–fitness–by testing movement skill with incremental increases in volume, load, and intensity. And it’s effective whether you’re coaching one-on-one, or leading a class with dozens of athletes. “By the Numbers: A Practical Method for Instructing Constantly Varied Functional Movements Executed at High Intensity” is my attempt to distill seven years of full-time coaching experience into a manual new trainers can use to bridge the gap between what they know when they emerge from their Level 1 certification, and what they need to know to run a safe and effective CVFMHI program.

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