Bye Bye Carson? The CrossFit Games May Leave So Cal in 2017

The CrossFit Games General Manager Justin Bergh wrote an open letter to the community on the Games website saying that they have outgrown the Stub Hub center over the past 10 years and are looking at other venues.

The letter goes on to say that the CrossFit Games may move away from Carson, California as early as next year.

Here’s an excerpt…
“The Games have grown tremendously in Carson, California over the last six years, and we’re thrilled about the event we are planning for our 10th year—our seventh at the StubHub Center. However, we’re currently considering new venues for the CrossFit Games, which could mean a move out of Carson as soon as 2017.”

Since we live about 15 miles from the Stub Hub center this isn’t great news for us personally, but we think everyone can get behind these other two bits of news that Justin shared in his letter…

“Over the next two years, we’re also going to be working on the CrossFit Games website and apps…”


“Finally, in addition to the worldwide live stream of the Open, regionals and Games, we’re endeavoring to share our televised content beyond U.S. borders. This means the live and tape-delayed shows we’ve previously produced exclusively for ESPN will be made available to international broadcasters in the future.”

Check out the rest of the letter at

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