Can Christian Harris Make You Flinch? NPGL’s New Grid Profile…

Sometimes these short Grid profiles seem like they don’t give us enough personality or insight into the athletes, but hearing Christian Harris talk about the DC Brawlers play the flinch game is pure gold! No gonna lie…we’d probably flinch every time.

Like many GRID athletes, Christian Harris of the DC Brawlers had aspirations of becoming a professional athlete.

“For me, my dream was to become a professional baseball player or a professional football player,” Harris said.

Although those specific dreams did not come to fruition, the opportunity to be a professional athlete became his reality with the National Pro Grid League.

“Once GRID came along, I had to jump on it…being a professional athlete has meant the world to me,” Harris said.

And jump on it he has. Harris is one of the leaders on the defending champion Brawlers squad where the talented players thrive on team chemistry.

“This teams has definitely developed into a family…we’ve been through the ups and downs together,” he said.

Watch the full video now on GRID TV.

Harris and the Brawlers will host the Baltimore Anthem on August 9 in Maryland. Click here for tickets and information (…)

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