Coming Across the Pond with the Celtic Fire – Behind The Grid Episode 15

In the newest episode of Behind The Grid, the NPGL brings us across the pond with the Celtic Fire, one of the two international teams that competed in the recent Grid Invitational.

The Celtic Fire was one of two international teams to participate in the inaugural GRID Invitational in September, traveling all the way to Anaheim, California from Ireland.

“I myself have been an advocate for the sport since its inception,” said Celtic Fire General Manager Alan Fitzpatrick. “It’s just an exciting sport.”

The Celtic Fire did not advance in the tournament, but they sure had a lot of fun competing. In fact, see if you can count how many times you hear the word “fun” in the full Behind the GRID video.

Go to GRID TV and check out Episode 15 of Behind The GRID, a look at the lives, personalities and preparations of the NPGL — including amatuer GRID.

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About GRID
GRID is the world’s first professional spectator sport with two co-ed teams racing head-to-head in a two-hour match. It incorporates speed, skill and strategy in a test of endurance through a variety of weightlifting and body-weight elements. Each two-hour match features two 14-person teams (7 women, 7 men, one of each being over 40 years old) going head-to-head in 11 races. GRID has eight NPGL teams: Los Angeles Reign, New York Rhinos, Boston Iron, DC Brawlers, Phoenix Rise, Miami Surge, San Francisco Fire and Baltimore Anthem. Visit for more information, and follow Grid — NPGL on Facebook, @TheGridLeague on Twitter and @GridLeague on Instagram.

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