CrossFitters in Cars – Episode 3: Pat Barber and Mike Cazayoux

Pat Barber drove around with the CEO and Director of Strength and Conditioning for Brute Strengt, Mike Cazayoux. The two dug into topics like mindset, coaching, marketing, preventing burnout, and more…

“I recently kidnapped Mike Cazayoux and drove him around Santa Cruz to pick his brain on mindset and coaching tactics. As you probably already know, Mike is the CEO and Director of Strength and Conditioning for Brute Strength. Yes, his apartment is made of rich mahogany. And yes, he is kind of a big deal.” -Pat Barber

Here’s what we discussed —

Question #1 (7:45)
How do you deal with athletes who constantly beat themselves up?

Question #2 (20:28)
How do you prevent burnout?

Question #3 (29:33)
When encouraging intensity, why would you push someone to do a big set only to fight fatigue through the finish?

Question #4 (36:09)
What are some tactics for getting more clients into the gym?

Question #5 (48:28)
What are the most important qualities to have if you want to be a programmer or coach?

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