Dan Bailey Does a Main Site WOD on His Boat

Back in August of 2015 while filming for the “Fittest on Earth” documentary CrossFit HQ filmed Dan Bailey doing a WOD on his boat that ended up on the Main Site today.

CrossFit Main Site WOD for March 21, 2016:
– 42 Med Ball Cleans (20lbs)
– 21 Body Weight Bench Presses
– 30 Med Ball Cleans
– 15 Body Weight Bench Presses
– 18 Med Ball Cleans
– 9 Body Weight Bench Presses

Dan Bailey’s Time: 8:13

CrossFit Games mainstay Dan Bailey does the CrossFit.com workout for March 21, 2016–on a boat.

For time:

20-lb. medicine ball cleans, 42 reps
21 body-weight bench presses
20-lb. medicine ball cleans, 30 reps
15 body-weight bench presses
20-lb. medicine ball cleans, 18 reps
9 body-weight bench presses

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