F45 Athletes Call Out Rich Froning & Ben Smith for $50,000 Each

Is this for real? The directors of F45 Training offered Ben Smith and Rich Froning $50,000 each if they can beat them at their own sport. We would LOVE to see this go down…

Obviously neither Rich or Ben live near Huntington Beach, so the odds of them getting this message and flying to California in time are pretty slim, but it’s still a pretty bold statement from the F45 guys. Actually a pretty good marketing strategy too, because let’s face it…they got us talking about it.

For reference, this video was originally posted on July 31st, which meant Ben and Rich would have had two days to get to California. Makes us wonder what would have happened if F45 would have called out the two Games champs with a few weeks notice.

Via F45 Training.

Fat Tony

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