Faith Rx’d Iron Sharpens Iron 8 – 40 Photos

This past weekend we had the opportunity to check out the Faith Rx’d Iron Sharpens Iron 8 camp at CrossFit Costa Mesa. Andrea Ager, Lindsey Valenzuela, Becky Conzelman and other coaches taught CrossFit and faith-based workshops throughout the weekend while we snapped photos to give you a glimpse of what the ISI event is all about…

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Iron Sharpens Iron 8 Coaches and Guest Coaches: Andrea Ager, Lindsey Valenzuela, Becky Conzelman, Guido Trinidad, Josh Everett, Spencer Arnold, Chip Pugh

Faith Rx’d | CrossFit Costa Mesa.

Photos by Fat Tony.

CrossFit-Faith-Rxd-ISI8-01 CrossFit-Faith-Rxd-ISI8-02 CrossFit-Faith-Rxd-ISI8-03 CrossFit-Faith-Rxd-ISI8-04 CrossFit-Faith-Rxd-ISI8-05 CrossFit-Faith-Rxd-ISI8-06 CrossFit-Faith-Rxd-ISI8-07 CrossFit-Faith-Rxd-ISI8-08 CrossFit-Faith-Rxd-ISI8-09 CrossFit-Faith-Rxd-ISI8-10 CrossFit-Faith-Rxd-ISI8-11 CrossFit-Faith-Rxd-ISI8-12 CrossFit-Faith-Rxd-ISI8-13 CrossFit-Faith-Rxd-ISI8-14 CrossFit-Faith-Rxd-ISI8-15 CrossFit-Faith-Rxd-ISI8-16 CrossFit-Faith-Rxd-ISI8-17 CrossFit-Faith-Rxd-ISI8-18 CrossFit-Faith-Rxd-ISI8-19 CrossFit-Faith-Rxd-ISI8-20 CrossFit-Faith-Rxd-ISI8-21 CrossFit-Faith-Rxd-ISI8-22 CrossFit-Faith-Rxd-ISI8-23 CrossFit-Faith-Rxd-ISI8-24 CrossFit-Faith-Rxd-ISI8-25 CrossFit-Faith-Rxd-ISI8-26 CrossFit-Faith-Rxd-ISI8-27 CrossFit-Faith-Rxd-ISI8-28 CrossFit-Faith-Rxd-ISI8-29 CrossFit-Faith-Rxd-ISI8-30 CrossFit-Faith-Rxd-ISI8-31 CrossFit-Faith-Rxd-ISI8-32 CrossFit-Faith-Rxd-ISI8-33 CrossFit-Faith-Rxd-ISI8-34 CrossFit-Faith-Rxd-ISI8-35 CrossFit-Faith-Rxd-ISI8-36 CrossFit-Faith-Rxd-ISI8-37 CrossFit-Faith-Rxd-ISI8-38 CrossFit-Faith-Rxd-ISI8-39 CrossFit-Faith-Rxd-ISI8-40

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