Faith Rx’d: Serving a Need Within the CrossFit Community


Spend any time in a local CrossFit box, and you will soon realize that we are a unique community. Workouts are organized chaos, with members exhibiting a gritty work ethic and discipline commingled with a masochistic flair. A single workout will leave you both empowered and vulnerable, visceral emotion unleashed, the result of which is a raw honesty not afforded many other places in life. This honesty is the breeding ground for a growing movement in our community, Faith Rx’d.

Having felt out of place at most churches, left wanting from small bible groups in which I didn’t feel like I could be myself, my first Faith Rx’d gathering at CrossFit ReVamped in Columbia, MD was a breath of fresh air. The honesty you rely on for your workouts was on full display as people spoke candidly about their life’s struggles and joys, questions that have been weighing on them, and how their fitness and spiritual journeys coalesce.  In these moments you respect the trust you have gained and gifted.

If you are interested, I suggest checking out a local chapter and dropping into one of their events.  You can find information on the Faith Rx’d website or on Facebook
Check out this new video from the Faith Rx’d team:

Paul Peterson

Paul Peterson

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Paul Peterson
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