Father and Son Workout Goals – 60 Year Old Bodyweight Ninja Drops Muscle Ups and Inspiration Bombs Like a Boss

The dudes over at Barstarzz caught up with “The Veteran” at a park in the Bronx to see what he was all about. His opening monologue and smooth, controlled work on the bars is nothing short of inspirational!

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Bill Will (The Veteran) is 60 years old. Scott is 22, he met Will 2 years ago at the Yankee Stadium park in the Bronx, New York. Scott molded himself to become a athlete after watching youtube videos and decided to make a change. Upon coming to the park he met the elders such as Will who helped coach him to where he is today. They uploaded a video on Facebook with over a million hits today. The video titled “Father & Son Workout Goals” had a lot of requests so we just had to go out and film them. Inspiration for all, they are not related but Scott looks up to Will with big aspiration.

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Fat Tony

Editor, Co-Founder

Fat Tony lives in Long Beach, CA and has been training at CrossFit Long Beach since 2013. Fat is a professional photographer and video producer having worked for companies such as PurePharma, NPGL, MET-Rx, ECC, Red Bull, and ESPN.

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