Fittest Man In The World: The Ben Smith Story

Mark Bell (creator of the Slingshot) may not be a real well known name in the CrossFit world, but he’s a huge personality in the powerlifting community. Bell wanted to tell Ben Smith’s story to his audience so he sent a crew to Virginia to help deliver that story, and it’s a great story…

Ben Smith is currently the top CrossFit athlete in the world, but he didn’t just get there doing 76 unbroken kipping pullups. He puts up some really impressive numbers in the Squat, Clean, Snatch, etc. Over 500 pounds on both the squat and the deadlift. This guy is 100% self taught. He learned all of the lifts off of the internet and studied them to until he was a master. This is what it takes to be a champion. I’m excited to introduce Ben Smith to you guys. There’s a lot to learn from this kid.

Filmed by Chris Boar Bell

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