Get to Know Danny Nichols of the Phoenix Rise – Behind The Grid Episode 17

If you’ve ever wanted to see a couple of professional functional fitness athletes try on clothes at the mall, then today is your lucky day…

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What happens when Danny Nichols, Bryan Miller, Craig Kenney and Blaine McConnell walk into a clothing store? Check out Behind the GRID, Episode 17 to see how the Phoenix Rise players had some fun during training breaks in the 2015 National Pro Grid League season.

The Phoenix Rise had quite the season in 2015, going all the way to the championship match. The team built strong bonds during Season 2, especially since they lived and trained together.

“We’re having a lot of fun out there. We’re winning, which helps a lot,” said Danny Nichols, the 2015 NPGL MVP. “Everyone is willing to do whatever they need to do and they’re willing to sacrifice to be here and win a championship.”

The Rise came up just short as the DC Brawlers defended their title and kept their claim to the Pinnacle Trophy. But Phoenix players emerged stronger in many ways. Nichols was surrounded by his teammates when presented with the 2015 NPGL MVP Award.

“We’ll go the distance, no matter what it takes, we’ll stick together through ups and down, and we’ll finish strong because I’m always finishing,” he said.

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