“Hell yeah I’ve failed at things…” – A Message About Failure After 16.3

Here’s a nice Monday motivation video for you courtesy of CrossFit 9 in St. Petersburg, Florida. The message today is about failure, which is a huge component in achieving your goals…

[ACHIEVING YOUR GOAL] “It’s kind of like falling in love. Slowly and then all at once you have that realization that you’ve forged past that point where it was really tough and difficult, where you wanted to quit. The good stuff is on the other side and you’re FINALLY there. That is such an awesome feeling.”

This week’s video is all about FAILURE.

Failure is a huge component in achieving a goal. Without failure, there would be no success, no dedication to a craft. We must forge on and learn from our mistakes, grow and adapt.

[ABOUT THE CF9 Open Series]
Crossfit9, located in St. Petersburg FL does not have any athletes going to Carson, CA. We are an eclectic group of members who love the sport of CrossFit. This is an inside look at our members journey through the Open.

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If you liked this one, here are a few more videos centered around 16.1 and 16.2 from the same video series…

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