If a Kettle Bell and a Dumbbell Had a Three-Sided Baby… Introducing the Bermuda Bell Triangle

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If you’re looking for the latest and greatest exercise equipment on the market, then checkout the Bermuda Bell triangle free weight from Bermuda Products. This triangular dumbbell has a simple design yet its versatility is unmatched by any exercise equipment on the market. The Bermuda Bell brings fitness back to the basics where strength, balance, grip, and cardio endurance are built together. Take Bermuda Bell with you on the go and workout anywhere you please, be it a park, the beach or a home gym. You’ll not only enjoy gains in strength and endurance, but you’ll have fun while increasing your overall level of health and physical fitness. With this one piece of equipment you can perform all the exercises your accustomed to doing with barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells, but you can add an element to your training sessions that’s been missing up until now. By adding new exercises that can only be done with a Bermuda Bell, stabilizer muscles (the tiny muscles you don’t normally use) are activated more effectively. The triangular shape of the Bermuda Bell adds another dimension of balanced weight to exercises which engage stabilizer muscles throughout the body. This allows the user to build a strong foundation for large muscle groups while increasing overall functional strength and performance. Right now Bermuda Bells are available in 25lb weight and the 10lb and 50lb bells will be available soon! Bermuda Products also offers free shipping on all orders, so go to bermudaproducts.com, checkout the Bermuda Bell and “Get Lost in Your Workout”!

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