“I’m a girly girl who happens to love punching people in the face…” Reebok’s Smoke Show Paige VanZant can Kick Your Ass

She’s hot, she’s blonde, she’s 21, and she’s undefeated in the cage… Watch as Reebok’s Paige VanZant trains, kicks ass, and takes names.

At only 21 years old, Paige VanZant is undefeated in UFC’s Women’s Strawweight division. With an independent spirit and a penchant for lightning fast strikes and excruciating submissions, VanZant has become a rising star in the MMA scene and is slated for the first main event of her career.

“All that matters is how well I’m pushing myself,” Paige says of her training. She’s not in it just for fun or for a paycheck. She wants to be the best there is. This was clear to her as soon as she took a martial arts class with her father. “I’ve given up everything for this,” she says.

VanZan defies the stereotypes associated with fighters. While she counts Ronda Rousey among the athletes she looks up to, Paige knows she’s not an anti-hero: “I’m a girly-girl who loves punching people in the face.”

Showing such promise and with so many years ahead of her, it’s safe to say that Paige VanZant is just getting started.

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