Introducing The Chestee – A Sports Bra with a Built In Collar Bone Pad

We spotted this on Instagram the other day and thought it was pretty cool. “Chestee” is a sports bra specifically designed for CrossFit and Olympic weightlifting that features a collar bone pad built in to help prevent bruising.

There are already a handful of well-known athletes endorsing it, so it must be decent… They don’t have a legit website yet, but you can buy them in a bunch of different styles through

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Chestee🎀//✖️Werks 🙌🏼

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That #Chestee tho 🙌🏽 I can't wait to do some cleans just so I can wear it 😂 super cute sports bra that protects the collar bones and makes the girls look good. I'm telling you, it's all about dat mesh! Follow me on snap of you wanna see all the good shit. Like the puppies, trying on outfits, @eleeka bein super adorable, my food pics and so on. One more dick pic and I swear I'm putting your ass on blast 😤 snap: jackiep585 USE MY CODE 💢jackie10💢 for #thechestee #unbrokendesigns #nobullproject only at @kinetikcollective #Repost @rumblebumm with @repostapp. ・・・ Ok now that I have your attention! Did I creepy screen shot @jackie585 .. Hell yes I did and don't pretend you don't, but I have a reason 💁🏻 .. Creepy ass people. 😂😬 Anywhoo.. She's wearing #thechestee, and you can get it @kinetikcollective 💁🏻 use her code "jackie10" for your discount. #creepers #kntk #bruisenomore

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