Is Reebok Preparing for Life after CrossFit? Reebok JJ Watt (JJ1) Trainer Review.



As our busy Summer winds down, one thing you might have missed was the release of the Reebok JJ1 Trainer, a cross-training shoe developed in partnership with JJ Watt, Defensive End and NFL superstar from the Houston Oilers  Texans.  If you are unfamiliar with Watt, he is three time Defensive Player of the Year and is known for his size, strength and speed.

The JJ1s are not Nano’s, but there is no doubt Reebok is making a huge push in that direction. It sounds odd to imply that Reebok is competing with themselves, but it makes sense that the JJ1s might be signalling the direction Reebok will take if they do not retain the CrossFit partnership.

Will they follow the Basketball shoe model and rely on heavily promoted, athlete sponsored training shoes rather than throwing their weight behind one entity, a la CrossFit?

Reading about the shoe and watching the marketing videos, there is no doubt to whom Reebok is marketing the shoe:

Next level training takes unrelenting discipline. It disrupts the status quo. This shoe bristles with features that enhance your ability to build explosive fitness. Inspired by J.J. Watt’s unique ethos, we add details that support you through agility drills or power-building lifts. Plus, full-foot stability means the shoe moves with you.

As somebody who enjoys competition in the box, on the field and in the marketplace, I am excited to see so many high quality options being made available.  It wasn’t too long ago our CrossFit options were Chucks, Sambas and running shoes.

Insert our colleague Joel with As Many Reviews As Possible and his terrific review of the JJ1s.  They are a moderately priced option, starting at $99, when compared to the Nano 6.0, which has a starting price of $130.  If you want a high quality shoe built for the daily CrossFit grind, the JJ1 might be a great option, especially when the Nano isn’t 33% better.



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