It’s Sticky and White… It’s Spider Chalk

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If you’re tired of breathing in powder chalk dust during workouts, Spider Chalk has a solution. Its liquid chalk was designed by weightlifters and athletes who are tired of chalking up every few minutes in a workout and making a mess all over the gym. “We saw existing chalk alternatives, but none were designed for long workouts or for people who sweat when they train,” says James Hobson, creator of Spider Chalk. “We use eight ingredients in our liquid chalk formula, developed with help from top chemists in the cosmetic industry.”

Spider Chalk uses pure, lab-tested magnesium carbonate to increase friction on the hands and absorb moisture during workouts. “High-quality chalk is extremely expensive, which is why all chalk is imported from overseas manufacturers, has a lower grade of purity and, hence, a lower price. But the quality of chalk matters, according to Hobson, “Pure chalk has better drying capabilities, sticks better to your hands and doesn’t rub off as easily,” he says. “You can literally feel a difference with our powder chalk. We also use two bonding agents in our liquid chalk because ultimately even pure chalk can use a little help from chemistry.”

Spider Chalk has thousands of athletes who have switched from cheap block chalk to its products and the company encourage anyone looking for better grip to give it a try. “At first, most people think liquid chalk is weird,” Hobson says. “But once they use it for a week, they love it!”

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