Josh Bridges Fires Back at Haters with a 16.5 Performance of 7:15

Josh Bridges used the online backlash and official points reduction of his 16.4 Open workout to fuel his fire for 16.5. Josh filmed himself doing the final 2016 Open workout immediately after the live announcement and wasted no time uploading the video to show the world he means business!

Bridges finished the 84 thrusters and 84 burpees in just 7:15—a full 29 seconds faster than the world record time he set in the 2014 Open.


If you’ve been living under a stack of bumper plates for the last week, here’s a quick recap to help you catch up…

– Josh Bridges recorded a score of 330 reps for 16.4.
CrossFit HQ claimed Josh won 16.4.
– The internet exploded with people calling out Josh for not having full extension at the top of his deadlifts. (Even Mat Fraser seemed to agree.)
– CrossFit HQ re-reviewed Josh’s 16.4 video and decided to deduct 15% (50 reps), brining Josh’s score down to 280.
– Josh came back with a vengeance on 16.5 and posted on his Instagram, “Thank you all for the fuel!”

Thank you for all the fuel! @crossfitgames Open complete. Full video.

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Will people be happy with the standards Josh displayed on his 16.5 performance?

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