Kelly Starrett’s Newest Book, “Deskbound”

In Kelly Starrett’s never-end quest to help people improve their quality of life through mobility he and his wife Juliet are releasing their newest book, “Deskbound.” It’s available now for pre-order on Amazon and will start shipping on April 26th. Here’s the low down.


Our bodies were built for movement. The more we move, the healthier we are. Learn how to eliminate sitting from your day with Deskbound.


About MobilityWOD:
MobilityWOD is the ultimate guide to resolving pain, preventing injury, and optimizing athletic performance. Humans have been evolving for 2.5 million years and the human body is extraordinarily engineered. While people are born with this incredible machine, they aren’t born with the right software to run that machine.

The MobilityWOD is designed to help you hack your body’s mechanics and provide the tools to perform basic maintenance on yourself.

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