Laura Phelps-Sweatt Banned From CrossFit Events for One Year for Not Submitting a Drug Test

Laura Phelps-Sweatt has been given the boot by HQ because she didn’t take a drug test. The ban not only affects Laura, but also disqualifies her team (Westside Conjugate) from the CrossFit Regionals this weekend.

This makes three… After smacking down Natalie Newhart and Charis Chan earlier in the year, who will be the next athlete that CrossFit bans from competition?

Here’s the official statement from
CrossFit has banned Laura Phelps-Sweatt from all CrossFit-sanctioned competitions for one year, and disqualified her team, Westside Conjugate, from the 2016 Central Regional due to a drug policy violation.

Collection agents from Drug Free Sport, at CrossFit’s request, recently contacted Phelps-Sweatt for the purpose of conducting an out-of-competition drug test. She did not meet with agents to provide a sample. Phelps-Sweatt’s failure to submit to the drug test constitutes a violation of the CrossFit Games Drug Testing Policy and carries similar sanctions as a positive drug test.

Phelps-Sweatt served as the affiliate manager of CrossFit Conjugate, and as a member of the Westside Conjugate regional-qualifying team.

Here’s a 550lb deadlift that Laura pulled six years ago in training…

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