Marine Veteran Steven Proto Does 240 Strict Pull-Ups in 47 Minutes

That’s right, 240 legit reps as a way of saying happy birthday to the Marines… This is damn impressive no matter how you look at it. Also, thanks to Steven for his time serving our country!

We wonder how long this would take the top CrossFit athletes to compete?

Here is Steven doing 239 pull-ups last year (when he was 20lbs lighter) in 34 minutes…

This year I did 240 pull-ups in 47 minutes 45 sets at 223 lbs.
First set of 20
44 sets of 5 pull-ups (Rest 10X speed)

Skip to 13:27 to watch my last set
Thanks for watching!

20 reps video time 0:34 clock time (00;35)
50 reps video time 2:25 clock time (06;20)
100 reps video time 5:05 clock time (14;41)
125 reps video time 6:23 clock time (20;15)
150 reps video time 7:20 clock time (24;17)
175 reps video time 8:59 clock time (31;22)
200 reps video time 10:26 clock time (37;33)
225 reps video time 12:13 clock time (43;53)
235 reps video time 13:27 clock time (46;50)

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