MBStix Apparel Has Taken the Philadelphia Fitness Scene By Storm

Mary Scharle and Meredith Shapiro created MBStix less than a year ago, but the athletic apparel has already taken the Philadelphia fitness scene by storm. “We began making shirts for ourselves to motivate us on ‘snatch day’ at the gym,” the fitness enthusiasts said. “pretty soon we had requests for more [shirts and] different designs. We just took off from there.”owners2_grande

Mary and Meredith both work full time in completely different industries. Neither have had any prior graphic design or fashion industry experience, but with the help and feedback of the community, MBStix continues to grow.

Each day, gym junkies in stickman workout wear share their fitness conquests with the hashtag “MBStix”. “We absolutely love when people post on Instagram that they PR because our shirts are ‘lucky’,” the pair said.  yellowcropfront_1024x1024

Lucky shirts or no, it is clear to see that the unexpected popularity the duo encountered was no coincidence. New customers are drawn to the premium athletic clothing by trendy cuts and impressive design. Mary and Meredith have set their product apart from the crowd through one unique selling point, which they aren’t shy in sharing: “No words! Just


Travis Youngs (@tyoungs23) repping an MBSTIX Original

big, bold graphics that show what you like to do. How cool is that?”

Although they refer to themselves as “accidental entrepreneurs”, The success of the team at MBStix has purely come down to hard work and support from family and friends. The passion to motivate athletes is the driving force behind MBStix. There is no doubt this same passion is what drove Mary and Meredith to overcome the barriers of inexperience.

With a wildly successful first year soon to be under their belt, MBStix plan to keep the momentum with upcoming athlete sponsorships and a ton of new gear to be released in time for Wodapalooza 2017.image2_1_large

Boasting new designs, custom gear, and quality customer service, MBStix shows no sign of slowing down any time soon.

You can check out MBSTIX on:

Their MBSTIX Website

Facebook: @MBSTIXLLC

Instagram: @MBSTIX

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Samuel Reese

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