Misbah Haque


Misbah Haque is a USAW-SPC and CF-L1 Trainer, and is studying kinesiology. He coaches at CrossFit Royalty in Trooper, Pennsylvania, and competes as a 62kg lifter.

In addition to being a contributing blogger here at Break Parallel, Misbah is also the founder and owner of AirborneMind.com. The heart of Airborne Mind is centered around strengthening the bridge between Olympic Weightlifting and CrossFit. Misbah strongly believes that if you can understand the variables of your training on a fundamental level, you can manipulate them so you’re not losing out on the potential training effects of your program.

If you are looking to structure your training, Misbah has built TakeOff Barbell Training Templates with two hours of video along with PDF downloads that can walk you through the process step by step.

More: @AirborneMind


Stats & PRs

Bodyweight: 135lb
Snatch: 190lb
Clean & Jerk: 235lb
Clean: 250lb
Front Squat: 305lb
Back Squat: 360lb
Deadlift: 365lb

Misbah Haque