More Proof That White Dudes Can’t Rap – “I’m a CrossFit Bro” Music Video

Always good to see honkeys holdin’ down the stereotypes… Shout out to Penn Holderness for this new family-fun rap video, and be sure to check out their other YouTube channel for some more LOLs.

Hello, my name is Penn, and I am a Crossfit Bro.
Not really… but I am an addict. It’s the longest I’ve ever spent on one fitness discipline, and I’ll do it until my body fails me. I am so excited about it I pretty much tell everyone I know about it. Which, apparently is the first step of becoming a Crossfit Bro. If I’m not careful, I will turn into THIS GUY. Thanks to all the Bros and Broettes at Crossfit Sua Sponte for playing along!
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