NutriForce Sports’ “The Proving Grounds” – Annie Thorisdottir

Ever wonder what it takes to win the CrossFit Games…multiple times? NutriForce Sports produced an amazing 26-minute behind the scenes documentary featuring two-time Games champ, the lovable “Iceland Annie.” Check out where it all started.

A high quality documentary featuring “Iceland Annie”? Yes please! Thanks to Nutriforce Sports’ professional video series “The Proving Grounds” we all get an in depth look into the background of one of CrossFit’s most dominant (and lovable) competitors, Annie Thorisdottir. Just push play, sit back…and enjoy!

She’s the most accomplished woman in the history of competitive fitness.

Now, two years after a career-threatening injury and one year after a comeback nothing short of spectacular, Annie Thorisdottir​ is fighting to win it all — and reaffirm her status as the sport’s greatest competitor.

This is her time.
Her moment.
Her shot to continue the legend.

With The CrossFit Games​ underway, do you think Annie can win it all…for a third time?

The Proving Ground, powered by #NFSports.
Nutriforce Sports

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