Nick Bloch Does Grace in 59 Seconds! Or Does He…?

Nick Bloch totally Josh Bridges-ed 30 clean and jerks. If CJ Martin was his judge maybe he could have gotten away with this, but if Adrian Bozman was on hand there would have been a lot of “No reps” being yelled in a Canadian accent. Maybe this is why CrossFit hates Grid players so much?

All jokes aside… Nick Bloch has made it to Regionals five times and plays for the New York Rhinos in the Grid League, so there’s no denying that he’s a complete badass, strong as shit, and fitter than you or I.

However, there were a LOT of reps during this impressive 59 second feat that were just flat out bad. Bent elbows and bent knees all over the place. Is it incredible that someone can move that much weight that quickly without their head exploding? Of course! But is this “Grace in 59 seconds”? We’re gonna say no…

We downloaded the full video from Instagram and watched it frame by frame… Here’s our analysis:
– The first seven reps were actually really solid.
– Reps 8 and 9 started to see some elbows bending and not locking out at the top.
– Rep 13 had a lot of bend in the knees, never fully standing up.
– So did rep 16…and 17.
– And 19…and 20, 21, and 22…
– Rep 23 was a horrible offense of bent knees and never locking them out.
– Reps 24 and 25 had bent knees too. Along with 27, 28, and 29.
– Nick finished strong with a solid rep on the 30th and final rep.
– So there were maybe a total of 15 reps that were legit here.

Grace :59 #theoutlawway #FBH #skinnylikescali

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Rep 8:
rep 8


Rep 13:
rep 13


Rep 16:
rep 16


Rep 23:
rep 23


Rep 25:
rep 25


Rep 30:
rep 30

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