Nike Metcon 2 Release Date and Colors Revealed

While we haven’t been able to 100% confirm the details, there are a few sites out there that say they have insider information on when the illusive Nike Metcon 2 will be dropping, and we have a lot of photos of possible color options. Which ones are you going to get? claims the Nike Metcon 2 will be released on January 18, 2016 in a bunch of different color ways.

However, says only a special color way of grey and neon green will be available on January 18th.

Also, has a men’s color way for pre-order and claims they will begin shipping on February 4th.

It’s also worth noting that all of the photos that recently surfaced are different in style and color than the ones that people were posting back in September

Nike-Metcon-2-CrossFit-Break-Parallel-01 Nike-Metcon-2-CrossFit-Break-Parallel-02 Nike-Metcon-2-CrossFit-Break-Parallel-03 Nike-Metcon-2-CrossFit-Break-Parallel-04 Nike-Metcon-2-CrossFit-Break-Parallel-05 Nike-Metcon-2-CrossFit-Break-Parallel-06 Nike-Metcon-2-CrossFit-Break-Parallel-07 Nike-Metcon-2-CrossFit-Break-Parallel-08 Nike-Metcon-2-CrossFit-Break-Parallel-09 Nike-Metcon-2-CrossFit-Break-Parallel-10 Nike-Metcon-2-CrossFit-Break-Parallel-11 Nike-Metcon-2-CrossFit-Break-Parallel-12 Nike-Metcon-2-CrossFit-Break-Parallel-13 Nike-Metcon-2-CrossFit-Break-Parallel-14 Nike-Metcon-2-CrossFit-Break-Parallel-15


If you missed it last month, here’s a video showing the unboxing of the Nike Metcon 2 and comparing it to the Metcon 1.



And if you want even more Nike Metcon 2 content, don’t forget that we caught up with Mat Fraser and he showed us his Metcon 2s in our very first episode of What’s In The Bag!

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