NO REP! CrossFit HQ Takes 50 Points Away From Josh Bridges on 16.4

The internet blew up with angry online judges after watching Josh Bridges’ “winning” video of 16.4, claiming his reps were questionable at best. CrossFit HQ eventually reassessed the situation and docked Bridges 50 points, bringing his rep count down to 280 from 330. This dropped him a handful of spots down the Leaderboard, but it still looks like Josh will have no problem making it to Regionals.

You can read CrossFit’s full statement on

Here’s an excerpt:
“A member of our judging team reviewed it, and noted that there were some questionable reps on the deadlift, but advised that based on the angle of the video and the fact that the on-the-floor judge had an appropriate angle for all reps, that the video was acceptable.

We believe that our team made a mistake by reviewing video and giving advice before the deadline. The advice was not consistent with previous rulings. We’ve decided to apply a Major Penalty to Josh Bridges’ 16.4 score. It will be reduced by 15 percent to 280 reps. The next top score belongs to Rich Froning, pending video verification.-CrossFit


Here’s a video where someone digitally removed the fish eye distortion from Josh’s video so you can get a clearer picture of the quality of his reps…


Here’s another video someone put together showing Josh side by side with Rich Froning doing 16.4.


Here’s your new 16.4 winner, Mr. Rich Froning…

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