Noah Ohlsen and Annie Thorisdottir Win the 2015 Dubai Fitness Championship

For the past two weekends some of the best athletes in the world have been in the United Arab Emirates competing in the 2015 Dubai Fitness Championships. After two weekends and 15 workouts Noah Ohlsen and Annie Thorisdottir stood on top of the podium and will both bring home more than $54,000 for their performances.

The prince of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh ‘Majid bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is really into functional fitness and has hosted this competition for the past few years. s.

*Scroll down to watch some of the lives stream replays from all six days of the event.

2015 Dubai Fitness Championship Final Results:

1. Noah Ohlsen
2. Frederik Aegidius
3. Rasmus Andersen

1. Annie Thorisdottir
2. Julie Abildgaard
3. Brooke Ence

2015 Dubai Fitness Championship resultsClick here to see the full leader board of the Dubai Fitness Championship.


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