NPGL Launches “Grid Anywhere” and “Match of the Week”

The National Pro Grid League is doing a lot to make sure their new sport thrives and grows, and one of their newest pushes is a website dedicated to helping fans and at home athletes play Grid anywhere by posting a “Match of the Week” on (kind of like CrossFit’s Workout of the Day).

If you fill out your name and email on the site, they will give you a really informative e-book PDF with a ton of rules, match breakdowns, and sample races you can do with little to no equipment.

We are definitely fans of Grid and have played on amateur teams ourselves, and it’s an absolute blast, so hopefully will succeed in getting more people involved!

Check out and the new Facebook page for more info.

Grid Anywhere

“ will connect and serve GRID leagues, events, enthusiasts and all levels of player in one platform. It will provide the essential functionality for operators to create, organize and run GRID matches, and connect them with athletes worldwide who have built their own player profiles. The platform is broken down into three categories: leagues, tournaments and the “GRID Anywhere” line of activities. Read below to find out more about what each category will offer.”

Fat Tony

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Fat Tony lives in Long Beach, CA and has been training at CrossFit Long Beach since 2013. Fat is a professional photographer and video producer having worked for companies such as PurePharma, NPGL, MET-Rx, ECC, Red Bull, and ESPN.

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