Ohlsen, Leverich, Teasdale & Pontious Just Won $100,000 from F45 Training

What is F45 Training? Well, we still aren’t quite sure yet, but they just paid out a hundred grand to Noah Ohlsen, Kenny Leverich, Ronnie Teasdale, and Nate Pontious for exercising, so they have our attention now…

We first spotted F45 when they flew a banner-toting airplane over the CrossFit Games for a few hours last week, but we didn’t think much of it at that point and didn’t bother to look into it.

Fast forward a week and today we spotted their wild setup in Huntington Beach on the sand at the U.S. Open of Surfing and saw signs for a $100,000 prize, but we still didn’t really know what to make of it all.

Then we walked by again and saw the familiar faces listed above doing push ups, pull ups, thrusters, and a few other movements and we got pretty curious.

Finally we saw the posts on Instagram about the crew winning $100,000 today, and now F45 has our full attention. However, even after going to three different Web sites of theirs and stalking their Instagram account, we are still pretty damn confused as to what F45 Training is.

We’ll fill you guys in as we learn more, but for now check out the video below and click on a few of their links and see if you can make sense of it all.

Congrats to Noah, Kenny, Ronnie, and Nate! We’re always stoked to see talented athletes rewarded for their hard work!

Fat Tony

Editor, Co-Founder

Fat Tony lives in Long Beach, CA and has been training at CrossFit Long Beach since 2013. Fat is a professional photographer and video producer having worked for companies such as PurePharma, NPGL, MET-Rx, ECC, Red Bull, and ESPN.

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