Product Spotlight – MADEFIT Clothing

Based in Long Beach, California, MADEFIT promotes an all-around healthy and positive lifestyle and believes that you create your own success. Here’s a look at some of their current product range.

About MADEFIT Clothing:
Success isn’t given, it is MADE. Be MADEFIT.

MADEFIT promotes health, fitness, and overall well-being. MADEFIT clothes and accessories are designed and driven by the idea that improving one’s individual self is possible through persistence and focusing within. We believe that a healthy lifestyle and personal success are MADE, not given. The idea that health is a personal choice and lifestyle rather than a temporary trend or fad is key to our philosophy. Exercise and nutrition have enriched our lives here at MADEFIT and we want to promote this positive message further with our unique clothing line.

We believe everyone has the ability and potential to be MADEFIT. Stay positive, make the right choices, and work hard so you can be the best version of you. It is up to you to transform yourself mentally and consequently physically. Change your thoughts and change your world. It’s you versus you. Don’t ever look back unless it’s to see how far you’ve MADE it. See the possibilities. See the gains. Be determined. Make it happen. Be satisfied. Be MADEFIT.
Twitter: @madefitclothing

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Fat Tony

Editor, Co-Founder

Fat Tony lives in Long Beach, CA and has been training at CrossFit Long Beach since 2013. Fat is a professional photographer and video producer having worked for companies such as PurePharma, NPGL, MET-Rx, ECC, Red Bull, and ESPN.

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