Rich Froning Does Isabel at 225lbs in 4:35

Rich Froning is an Advocare endorser, and the the network marketing company recently got him to go out to one of their big corporate events and do Isabel (30 snatches for time) with 225lbs on the bar. Does it ever get old watching this dude throw down?

This video was uploaded by Kathy Gloer who apparently was sitting pretty far away and filming with an old flip phone or something. Nonetheless, thanks to Kathy for uploading it. We hope she receives good karma, sells tons of products and gets lots of new people in her network for her efforts.

Here’s a video of the last time Rich did heavy Isabel where he finished in 6:09…

This video was originally posted at the end of January, 2014 by CrossFit HQ to promote the Open.

Fat Tony

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