Rogue Fitness’s Road to the 2016 Arnold with Kimberly Walford

It is not an exaggeration to call Kimberly Walford the best female American powerlifter in history — her list of records and accomplishments backs up that claim. Ten-time USAPL National Champion, raw and equipped; three-time IPF Raw World Champion; first woman in USAPL history to deadlift over 500 lbs., raw and equipped; highest World and American raw total among all federations (drug tested and not) for a 67.5kg lifter in powerlifting history. The list goes on and on. Yet despite her accolades, Walford is hungrier than ever to keep breaking records, even if they’re her own.

In the first installment of Road to the Arnold, 2016, we learn what drives Kimberly to compete and to keep pushing her powerlifting numbers higher and higher, as she prepares to compete in the 2016 Arnold Pro Deadlift competition — an event she’s won every time she’s stepped on the platform.
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