Suspended Third Place CrossFit Games Finisher Comments on His Failed Drug Test

CrossFit has announced that:  “Scott Jones, the third-place finisher in the 2016 Masters Men 45-49 Division, tested positive for the anti-estrogen anastrozole. Jones will be suspended from competing in any CrossFit-sanctioned event for two years as of Aug. 15, 2016, and his results from the Games will be invalidated. Robert Davis will move up from fourth place to claim the third-place prize.”

Updated Masters Men 45-49 2016 Leaderboard

First Place: Ron Mathews

Second Place: Brent Maier

Third Place: Robert Davis

Break Parallel reached out to Scott Jones and he had this to say about his positive test and sanctioned suspension:

“I was absolutely shocked at this news. I was prescribed the medication by my doctor for a medical condition, I never even looked at the banned substance list. Upon receiving the news from CrossFit, I submitted a letter and lab work from him (the physician)  to CrossFit to show why it was prescribed and the intention of use did not give me a competitive edge in any way – to which they said it didn’t matter due to their zero tolerance rule.

I am incredibly disheartened that the sport which I have invested so much into, changed my life in so many ways and allowed me to impact others now has a negative effect on me as well as those I care about and respect. I would never intentionally do something to gain an unfair advantage and I am truly sorry that this has happened.

It was my ignorance in being unaware of the banned substances. I was following my doctor’s advice and in no way was this taken to gain any sort of competitive edge. Had I known this medication was banned I would have pursued another route or filed for an exemption from CrossFit. CrossFit has a zero tolerance policy so based on that I was treated fairly. I did submit a letter from my doctor explaining why it was prescribed as well as lab results. I disagree with their policy and having no tolerance. I think there should be acceptable ranges especially in the masters divisions. I also think the drug testing results should be handled by an impartial third party and CrossFit HQ find out the testing results when everyone else does.”


The CrossFit 2016 Drug Testing Program states  “Sanctions will be imposed at the sole discretion of CrossFit”.

Sections related to reporting and enforcement of the CrossFit drug testing policy are below. You can learn about CrossFit’s Drug Testing Program here.

10. REPORTING RESULTS Drug test results will be reported to CrossFit by Drug Free Sport. CrossFit will notify athletes of a positive test result by email. CrossFit, at its sole discretion, will publicly announce violations of the CrossFit Games Drug Testing policy once the appeals process is over and a final decision has been reached. These announcements will include the athlete’s name, infraction and the sanction imposed.

12. ENFORCEMENT/SANCTIONS Athletes who violate the Drug-Testing Policy are subject to sanctions. Sanctions will be imposed at the sole discretion of CrossFit based on the circumstances present in each case. Possible sanctions include, but are not limited to, any combination of the following: • Disqualification from the competition and loss of results. • Loss of results from previous competitions. • Forfeit or required return of any prizes, awards or money. • Suspension from participating in future CrossFit-sanctioned events. The length of this suspension will be determined by CrossFit Inc. on a case-by-case basis and may include a lifetime ban from all CrossFit-sanctioned or sponsored events. • Public disclosure.


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