The Airborne Mind by Misbah: Coach Daniel Camargo Discusses How CrossFitting Weightlifters Can Foster The Growth Of Weightlifting In The U.S.

Daniel Camargo is a 27 year veteran in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting. As an athlete, he has represented Team USA in 9 international competitions. and set 3 American records. As a coach, he has reached the top tier as a U.S. Senior International Coach. You might know one of his athletes Mattie Rogers, but he has also produced several State, Collegiate, and National Champions. Many of his athletes have also made it to the international stages of competition.

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In this episode we talk about:

-The solution to growing the Weightlifting community in the U.S. and how we can help

-The stuff that really matters if you want to be a great coach

-Evolution of Weightlifting through Danny’s eyes in the past 27 years

Show Notes:

-What Danny loves about working with CrossFitters (2:40)

-How he got started in coaching and his time as a law enforcement officer (3:43)

-What his parents were like when he got into Weightlifting (6:50)

-Danny’s daughter asked (10:30)

-Will the next generation of lifters be raising the bar? (13:00)

-When no one cared about the barbell to TV commercials (16:20)

-The solution to growing spectatorship in Weightlifting (19:25)

-Tips for coaches on growing their own Weightlifting community (23:00)

-What are some responsibilities of a coach that are often left out? (26:05)

-If you had one year to live and you wanted to become the best coach you could be, what would you do? (28:45)

-What do you look for in an ideal athlete (31:50)

-Training methodology for CrossFitting Weightlifters (35:15)

-Thinking while you’re lifting , Sensation of effort/proper movement (42:35)

-What are you looking for during error correction through the coach’s eye (43:55)

People Mentioned:

Mattie Rogers

Greg Everett

Kenny Leverich

Resources we talked about:

Olympic Lifting: Cues & Corrections by Daniel Camargo

Watch People Get Their Minds Blown When An Old Man Crushes Muscle Beach

How you can connect with Danny:

Instagram: @camargo_oly

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Misbah Haque

Misbah Haque


Misbah Haque is a USAW-SPC and CF-L1 Trainer and weakness manager for newcomers and CrossFitters looking to get stronger. His coaching practice is centered around filling the holes in movement so you can keep doing what you love for a long time. His blog is

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Misbah Haque
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