“The CrossFit Games Aren’t Too Hard, You Just Don’t Know How to Sports” -Kevin Daigle

Last week we linked to an article by T-Nation that brought up points of why they thought the 2015 CrossFit Games pushed athletes too hard. Now we have Kevin Daigle arguing the opposition and it’s a great look at the other side of the coin. Which side are you on?

Kevin Dangle is a former coach at CrossFit New England and currently works as a writer for CrossFit HQ.

“The true competitive athlete, in any sport, will continue and suffer through anything for their cause, until it’s no longer up to them. People who don’t have this resolve don’t like watching it, because they’re confronted with their own perceived fear of inadequacy. People fucking hate when other people do shit which shatters their perceived limits.”

“In 2009 it was parallette HSPU and muscle-ups. Gasp. How could women be expected to do that? And true, some looked inept at those tasks (Annie Thorisdottir learned how to do a muscle-up during the final that year). Well, they look pretty proficient now. Then it was ocean swims, legless rope climbs and deficit HSPU. It’s the same story, different year. We can bet no one will be struggling on the peg board in the future.”

Read the full article here: DaigleBreathsFire.com


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